Romaji Kaishi
Chapter 1
Next Chapter Taiyoko and Shinji
Arc Introduction Arc
Character Taiyoko Shigami

Beginning (開始, Kaishi) is chapter 1 of the Phantom Night manga.


Years ago, an explosion happened sending shockwaves across the globe and sending a enormous beam into space. Two earths are then seen colliding and fusing with the earth.

Years later in the year 2161, a boy named Taiyoko Shigami walking home from high school encounters a group of thugs attacking Hirumi and Aiko. Not wanting to see them getting hurt, Taiyoko attacks them, turning the whole street into a battle zone. After a quick defeat of the thugs and a talk with the two girls, Taiyoko continues walking home. Annoncing his arrival at home and getting beaten up by his younger sister Kiroki for being late, he proceeds to have dinner and study in his room. Meanwhile in a secret government laboratory, a mutant beast breaks out and starts attacking downtown tokyo. With it nearing the suburb Taiyoko lived in and the failure of the armed forces, he runs to his dad's lab the moment it tore through the front of the house. Grabbing his dad's assortment of weapons, Taiyoko attacks the beast, with him being sent through the ground from the force of it's attack. Seeing his own family in the beast's hands, he manipulates the surrounding molocules in the air and freezes the monster's legs and arms. Pulling out a sword, he rescues his family and finishes it off by a mere slash to it's chest, ending it for good. As the Japanese Analytical Research Association (JARA) proceede to remove the monster from the suburbs, Taiyoko ponders if anything like this happened again, someone needed to save it. Looking into the moonlight, he questions if he is that person.