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Mathematics Manipulation (数学操縦, Sūgaku Sōjū) is the power to manipulate and alter the laws and foundations of mathematics. Subpower of Science Manipulation.

Also CalledEdit

  • Mathekinesis
  • Mathematics Master
  • Superhuman Mathematics


The user can change the study of quantity, structure, space, change, through manipulating the laws and foundation of mathematics, allowing the user to change the principle of numeracy, for example altering the distance between two destination, break the laws of physics through the alteration of mathematical equations, increasing or decrease the amount or quantity in a substance or in an area, etc. This power can never be detained as it is based on the intellectual level of the user.


  • Biology Manipulation - manipulate the workings of biology through mathematical theories.
  • Chemistry Manipulation - manipulate chemical equations.
  • Division by Zero
  • Physics Manipulation - allows one to manipulate the laws of physics through mathematical foundations.
  • Infinite Supply - limitless supply of quantities & qualities via the mathematics of infinity.
  • Alter the distances between two destinations; via equation: Distance = Speed x Time (e.g.).
  • Increase or decrease mass; via equation: Mass = Density x Volume (e.g.).
  • To make a business profitable:
    • Change liabilities to valuable assets; via equation: Assets = Owner's Equity - Liabilites.
    • Change working capital of debtors through current assets and current liabilities; via equation: Working Capital = Current Assets - Current Liabilities.
  • Shape an area; via equation: Area = Base x Height (e.g.)
  • Increase or decrease volume in a substance; via equation: Volume = Mass ÷ Density (e.g.)
  • Alter time through numeric expressions.
  • Increasing or decrease the amount or quantity in a substance or in an area.
  • Change logic through mathematical formats.
  • Change current order through the skills of mathematics.
  • Decipher computer codes.
  • Increase or decrease intellectual levels of subject or yourself.
  • Alter reality through numeric manipulations.
  • Create mathematically modeled parallel earths.
  • Users can use parallels as elaborate mathematical models (e.g, test beds to determine favorable outcomes for plans).
  • Diminish numbers that can be generated and maintained.



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  • May be limited to certain foundation and its usage.
  • Must be extremely good with numbers.